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Development history of circuit breaker

The early circuit breaker of China in the world was produced in 1885. It is a combination of knife head and over-current release.In 1905, the air circuit breaker with free tripping device was born. Si

Metal Distribution Box

Metal Distribution Box

Current Rating: 100A; Metallic Compact Consumer Unit·|P3X Safety; Multiple cable entry knockouts; Rigid, raised and Offset DIN rail design; Earth and neutral blocks fixed as standard; lnsulated comb busbar...

JVL29-63 Italy Hot Sale residual circuit breaker 1P+N RCBO  B type

B type RCBO

Product introductionJVL29-63 is applicable to residual operating current with rated voltage 230V/400V,frequency 50/60HZ and rated current up to 63A. It is used to perform the human electricity shock p

How does the leakage circuit breaker work

How does the leakage circuit breaker work

Leakage circuit breaker is mainly composed of zero sequence current transformer, electronic component board, leakage release and circuit breaker with overload and short-circuit protection. The leakage


Precautions for the use of solid state relays

The input pins of multiple SSRs can be connected in series or in parallel, but if each SSR must meet the high level, the zero-crossing type trigger current is greater than 5mA,

New technology new products. Wide band voltage / multi voltage 24V-110V new magnetic contactors. From 9A to 100A.

What are the functions of AC contactors?

AC contactor function introduction:The AC contactor is an intermediate control element, and its advantage is that it can frequently turn on and off the line, and control a large current with a small curren...

solar switch

What is the difference between a contactor and a relay

Nowadays, there are many electrical accessories on the market, each of which has a certain range of use and functions, and contactors and relays are the two types that are easy to confuse. So, what is the ...

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