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What is the role of a fuse?

What is the role of a fuse?

A fuse refers to an electrical device that, when the current exceeds a specified value, uses the heat generated by itself to fuse the melt and disconnect the circuit. A fuse is a device that uses the heat ...

What do you want to know about circuit breakers

Where are circuit breakers usually used?Mainly suitable for circuits with AC 50Hz/60Hz, rated working voltage of 240v/415v and below, and rated current up to 60a. This circuit breaker is mainly used for ov...

How SPD Surge Protective Device Works

SPD surge protective device working principle is that when there is an instantaneous overvoltage on the power line or signal transmission line, the surge protector will release the overvoltage to limit the...

What is a MCB Used for?

Miniature Circuit Breaker designed to trip during an overload or short circuit to protect against electrical faults and equipment failure. Miniature Circuit Breakers are widely used as isolating components...

what is the use of shunt trip coil in mccb

The MCCB shunt trip coil is usually connected to an external control circuit or switch. When a fault or abnormal condition (such as an overcurrent or short circuit) is detected in the electrical system, th...



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