SPD Surge Protective Device

SPD surge protective device is an electronic device that provides safety protection for various electronic equipment, instruments and communication lines. When the electrical circuit or communication line suddenly generates peak current or voltage due to external interference, the surge protector can conduct shunt in a very short time, so as to avoid the damage of surge to other equipment in the circuit. The surge protector is applicable to AC 50/60HZ, and the rated voltage is 220V to In the 380V power supply system, indirect lightning and direct lightning impact or other transient over-voltage surges are protected, which is applicable to the requirements for surge protection in household, tertiary industry and industrial fields.

CHXI-D20白 SPD surge protective device

CHXI-D20 White SPD Surge Protective Device

CHXI-D20 white SPD surge protective device has a reliable voltage protection level and safe characteristic of overload, strong discharge current capability, applied to lighting protection of AC low voltage...

XZ-NPE Series Surge Protector

XZ-NPE 275V Surge Protector 20KA/40KA Surge Protection Device

XZ-NPE 275V surge protector 20KA/40KA is usually installed in residential distribution boxes, computer centers, information equipment, electronic equipment, and control equipment in front of the nearest so...

XZ-SPD80/65(60)/40/20/10 Series Surge Protector

20KA/40KA Surge Protection Device 80KA Surge Protector XZ-SPD80/65(60)/10

20KA/40KA/80KA surge protection device is suitable for low-voltage ac power distribution 50/60Hz, 230/400V, and belowi T, TT, TN-C, TN-S, TN-C-S, and other power supply systems.

XZSCB-10/20/40/60/80 Series Surge Protector

XZSCB-10KA/20KA/40KA/60KA/80KA Surge Protector

XZSCB-10KA/20KA/40KA/60KA/80KA surge protector adopt high-energy contact, long service life; The ability to withstand the impact of current is strong, no wrong action; Power frequency current through more ...

XZSCB-100/120/i15/i25/i50 Series Surge Protector

Surge Protection Device For Single Phase 230V 50KA/100KA Surge Protector

XZSCB SPD special backup protector (special backup protection device for lightning protection),to solve the lightning protection device due to deterioration and power grid failure caused by fire hazards.

5KA/10KA/20KA Surge Protection Device

5KA/10KA/20KA Surge Protection Device

The visual window displays green when 5KA/10KA/20KA surge protection device(spd) is working normally, and red when it disengages.it is installed at the junction of LPZ1/LPZ2 and LPZ3 with a 35mm standard g...

XZ1-SPD40/60 Series Surge Protector

20KA/30KA/40KA/60KA Surge Protector XZ1-SPD40/60

20KA/30KA/40KA/60KA Surge Protector is usually installed at the inlet low-voltage main distribution cabinet for the protection of third and fourth-level power supply equipment.

Low Voltage Surge Protector

AC Power Low Voltage Surge Protection Device XZ1-SPD80/100

AC Power Low Voltage Surge Protection Device XZ1-SPD 80/100 is suitable for civil construction, electrical, communications, and road traffic, such as the petrochemical industry of power equipment protectio...

XZ2-SPD80/100/150/200 Series Surge Protector

200KA/230 Volt Three Phase Surge Protector XZ2-SPD80/100/150/200

200KA/230 Volt Three Phase Surge Protector is mainly used to protect low-voltage customer electrical installations from surges caused by atmospheric discharge (e.g. to indirect lightning) or other operatin...

AC Surge Protection Device,Low Voltage Surge Protector,IP20 Surge Protector

Low Voltage AC Surge Protection Device IP20 Surge Protector XZ2-SPDi15/i25/i50

Low voltage AC surge protection device IP20 surge protector XZ2-SPDi15/i25/i50 Products in line with GB18802.1, GB50057, and lEC/EN61643-11 standards.

XZ2-SPDI+II15 Series Surge Protector

Electric Power Surge Protection Device XZ2-SPDI+II15

Electric Power Surge Protection Device has a built-in disconnector. When the SPD fails due to overheating or breakdown, the disconnector can automatically disconnect it from the power grid and give an indi...

240v surge protector

Sofielec SPD 50/60HZ 230/240v surge protector

Sofielec SPD 50/60HZ 230/240v surge protector installed in the line of low voltage main distribution cabinet, used for the protection of the secondary power supply equipment.

CXPV-1000 DC 1000V SPD surge protective device

DC Surge Protection Device Electrical SPD 1000V Surge Protector CXPV-1000

DC surge protection device electrical SPD 1000V surge protector PV-1000 with high energy MOV chip: nanosecond response speed Flexible and convenient combination, safe protection function.

380V Surge Protective Device

Class D Yellow Surge Protector 380V Surge Protective Device EL1-D-20

Yellow Surge Protector EL1-D-20 are suitable for ac 50/60hz, rated voltage 380V. power supply systems to protect the surge caused by indirect.

EL1-B-100 Class C Surge Protection Device

EL1-B-100 Class C Surge Protection Device

The EL1-B-100 Class C surge protection device is a fuseless, fail-safe surge suppressor that protects critical components of modern electrical installations from lightning and overvoltage conditions.

EL1-B-80 SPD Surge Protective Device

EL1-B-80 40KA/80KA 380V Surge Protective Device For Home

Voltage surges can damage your home equipment. Provide the necessary protection with surge protection devices from Sofielec Electrical.

EL1-B-60 SPD Surge Protective Device

EL1-B-60 SPD Surge Protector Protective Electrical Devices

EL1-B-60 SPD Surge Protector Protective Electrical Devices are usually used in low-voltage power distribution systems, electronic equipment, communication equipment, computers, and other equipment that nee...

EL1-25 SPD Surge Protective Device

EL1-25 25KA/150KA 275V/385V Surge Protective Device

By installing the EL1-25 25KA/150KA 275V/385V Surge Protective Device, it can quickly absorb and dissipate overvoltage, directing it to the ground, thus protecting the equipment from damage, extending its ...

EL1-C-40 SPD Surge Protective Device

4P Level 2 Surge Protector SPD Household Surge Protector EL1-C-40

4P Level 2 surge protector SPD household surge protector EL1-C-40 can reduce downtime and repair costs. Without surge protectors, sudden voltage surges in the power system can cause equipment damage, requi...

XZ-PV40 Series Surge Protector

Surge Protection Device Circuit Diagram

Sofielec Electrical provides circuit diagrams of surge protection devices used in photovoltaic combiner boxes, photovoltaic inverters, photovoltaic controllers, photovoltaic DC cabinets, and other equipmen...

Surge Protective Device Technical Parameters

SPD considers that the impulse withstand voltage of the protected electrical equipment must be greater than the voltage protection level of the surge protector. SPD is mainly used in low-voltage distribution, cabinets, low-voltage electrical appliances, communications, signals, machine stations, computer rooms, etc.


Single Phase 1P+N 2P Three Phase 3P+N 4P

In(8/20μs)Nominal discharge current

5kA 10kA 20kA 30kA 40kA 50kA 60kA 100kA

Ics Short circuit breaking capacity

15kA 25kA 50kA 50kA 50kA 100kA

SPD Surge Protection Device Manufacturers & Suppliers

Sofielec Electrical is a professional surge protector manufacturer and supplier in China, we are characterized by high-quality products and good service, please feel free to buy customized DC surge protectors from our factory at competitive prices.

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SPD Surge Protective Device Application

Surge protectors are mainly used in industries that require highly stable and reliable performance, especially those areas that are sensitive to the risk of equipment damage. The following are the main application scenarios of Sofielec Electrical surge protectors.

Sofielec SPD Factory & Manufacturer & Supplier

Yueqing Sofielec Electrical Co, Ltd with over 20 years of experience, Sofielec specializes in low voltage circuit protection of residential and commercial terminal distribution throughout the world.

Our workshop has semi-automatic and fully automatic testing equipment, and all procedures are controlled by inspectors to ensure product quality.

Moreover, we have CB CE SEMKO certification for this series of products, which belongs to international certification and can be sold in various regions, If the customer needs other certifications, they can also use CB certification to go to the local certification agency for certificate renewal.

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    We have an experienced team with more than 20 years of experience, based on 3 main factory buildings covering an area of over 70,000m² .

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    OEM/ODM service available. Our strong R&D team will help clients with customized products development by samples and requirements.

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    Since the shell of the molded case circuit breaker is made of flame-retardant materials, frequent replacement of the shell is not required.

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Sofielec SPD Manufacturer knowledge popularization: what does spd stand for in electrical, surge protector selection guide, working principle of surge protector, explanation of surge protection device, how to install surge protector, wiring method of surge protector, etc.

Design Points And Wiring Forms Of SPD Surge Protective Device In Power Distribution System


SPD surge protective device manufacturer tells you,there are four types of grounding systems for low-voltage distribution systems: IT, TT, TN-S, and TN-C-S. Therefore, SPD needs to choose different wiring details based on the different grounding systems of the low-voltage distribution system. For ex...


How SPD Surge Protective Device Works


SPD surge protective device working principle is that when there is an instantaneous overvoltage on the power line or signal transmission line, the surge protector will release the overvoltage to limit the voltage within the range that the equipment can withstand, thereby protecting the equipment fr...


Features and working principles of Surge Protective Device


Surge protectors are also known as lightning arresters. We can often see them around us, which can play a vital role. Its main function is to provide safety protection electronic devices for various electronic equipment, instruments and communication lines.





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