XZ-NPE Series Surge Protector

XZ-NPE Series Surge Protector
XZ-NPE Series Surge Protector
Product overview


XZ-NPE series surge protector is suitable for TT, TN-S, and other power supply systems of 50/60HZ, 230/400V and below. It is used between neutral line (N) and ground line (PE) to protect the surge caused by indirect lightning and direct lightning or other instantaneous overvoltage. Products comply with GB18802.1, GB50057 and IEC61643- 1 standards.

XZ - NPE by gas discharge tube or air as the main components of discharge gap, in general, went into a state of high resistance between electrodes, when power grid because of thunder and lightning directly or indirectly other transient over voltage surge, electrodes in a nanosecond time conduction, will surge into the earth, and to protect the equipment on the power grid, when the surge through the NPE disappear, The NPE is restored to the high resistance state without affecting the normal operation of the power grid.

And XZ-SPD series surge protector can be combined into the following solutions: 1P+NPE,3P+NPE and other SPD combination to improve the anti- surge performance. With common mode (MC) and differential mode (MD) protection mode. Adopt 35mm standard guide rail installation, the zero line is connected with 2.5- 35mm' wire, the grounding wire is connected with more than 6mm' double - color multi-strand copper wire, the length is not more than 500mm.

Usually installed in residential distribution boxes, computer centers, information equipment, electronic equipment and control equipment in front of the nearest socket box.



Main technical parameters


Specifications XZ-NPE
The number of 1P+N、 3P+N
Nominal discharge current
5 10 20 30 40
Maximum discharge current
10 20 40 60 80
Maximum Continuous Operating Voltage
1.0 1.1 1.5 1.8 2.0
Maximum Continuous Operating Voltage
(ns) Response time <25
Protection grade IP20
The filure indicator Green is normal, red is ineffective        
Test cassification II level
Ambient limit temperature TU -40℃~80℃
Type of installation 35mm standard guide rail is used for nsallaion
Induced power line cross- sectional area
2.5- -35mm2 / Multicore flexible cable
Note Remote signalfunction can be added, other maximum continuous working volage uC can be customized



Overall dimensions


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