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Features and working principles of Surge Protective Device

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    Surge Protective Device are also known as lightning arresters. We can often see them around us, which can play a vital role. Its main function is to provide safety protection electronic devices for various electronic equipment, instruments and communication lines. When a spike current or voltage is suddenly generated in the electrical circuit or communication circuit due to external interference, the surge protector can conduct and shunt in a very short time, and quickly discharge the current into the ground, thereby avoiding the surge to other equipment in the circuit Damage.

Surge Protective Device

1. Performance characteristics
    The protection flow is large, the residual pressure is extremely low, and the response time is fast;
    Adopt the latest arc extinguishing technology to completely avoid fire;
    Adopt temperature control protection circuit, built-in thermal protection;
    With power status indication, indicating the working status of the surge protector;
    The structure is rigorous, and the work is stable and reliable.

2. Matters needing attention
    The installation of the Surge Protective Device must be operated by a professional electrician, and do not use it privately.

3.working principle

    Surge Protective Device are classified according to their working principles, which can be divided into voltage switch type, voltage limiting type, and combined type; each type of surge protector has its own advantages, and you need to purchase the type according to your own requirements.

    Voltage switch type SPD. When there is no transient overvoltage, it presents high impedance. Once responding to the lightning transient overvoltage, its impedance suddenly changes to low impedance, allowing lightning current to pass. It is also called "short-circuit switch type SPD".

    Pressure-limiting SPD. When there is no instantaneous overvoltage, it is high impedance, but with the increase of surge current and voltage, its impedance will continue to decrease, and its current-voltage characteristics are strongly non-linear, sometimes called "clamp-type SPD".

    Combined SPD. It is composed of a voltage switch type component and a voltage limiting type component, which can display the characteristics of a voltage switch type or a voltage limit type or both, which depends on the characteristics of the applied voltage.

Through the above simple description, compared to everyone's understanding of surge protectors, you can buy them according to their own needs.

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