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The working principle of time relay

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With the rapid development of technology, electrical appliances have become popular, and every household has so few electrical appliances. Relays are particularly important in electrical appliances. Today Sofielec is here to give you the knowledge of time relays, which can help you when you choose relays and give you some understanding of time relays.



The time relay is a very important component in the electrical control system. In many control systems, the delay control function is realized by the time relay. The time relay is an automatic control electrical appliance that uses the principle of electromagnetic and mechanical action to delay the closing or breaking of the contacts.

There are two types of time relays, namely power-on delay and power-off delay. In addition, there is a part of the intermediate relay that actually plays a role of conversion in the circuit, turning a single signal into multiple separate signals. The role of the relay in the circuit is to isolate the strong current, protect the circuit, and act as a switch trigger.

Used in motor control applications such as air conditioning units, elevator machine rooms, water pumps, fans, etc., as protection for overvoltage, undervoltage, phase loss, phase sequence and phase imbalance. When the power supply is abnormal, turn off the power to protect the equipment.

Voltage Control Relay

The standard frequency pulse generator generates a certain fixed frequency pulse after the command signal is applied. After the frequency divider, the required counting pulse frequency is obtained. The counting pulse is sent to the decimal counter for counting, so that each counts one Pulses need a certain amount of time. For example, if the frequency of counting pulses sent to the counter is 10Hz, it takes 0.1s for each pulse to be counted.

The above are just some brief descriptions of the working principle of the time relay. I only hope that what we are talking about is helpful to you and can help you go further when you understand the time relay.


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