XZSCB-10/20/40/60/80 Series Surge Protector

XZSCB-10/20/40/60/80 Series Surge Protector
XZSCB-10/20/40/60/80 Series Surge Protector
Product overview


XZSCB: SPD special backup protector (special backup protection device for lightning protection), to solve the lightning protection device due to deterioration and power grid failure caused by fire hazards, to solve the lightning protection device caused by the wrong operation of the backup protection device caused by lightning failure, to ensure that the surge protector (SPD) does not fire, equipment lightning protection continues to be effective; At the same time, it can effectively overcome the protection blind area problem that exists in the widely used fuse or circuit breaker as the external disconnector. It is an ideal supporting device for the voltage switching SPD and voltage limiting SPD of the low-voltage power supply system.

Adopt high- energy contact, long service life;The ability to withstand the
impact of current is strong, no wrong action;

◆Power frequency current through more than3±1A trip;

◆Running short circuit current breaking ability is strong;

◆Adopt parameter control tripping mechanism, 35mm guide rail installation;

◆Complete specifications can meet T1, T2, T3 SPD matching;

It can selectively cut off the power frequency current and the lightning current, which can effectively protect the SPD from break- through and short circuit due to abnormal transient overvoltage, resulting in serious fire accident. Selective breaking of the power frequency current and the lightning current through the SPD surge protector can effectively protect the SPD surge protector due to the deterioration of the SPD starting voltage to fall below the power supply voltage, power frequency leakage current increases, causing serious fire accidents. When the lightning current of SPD is out of date, the external detachment device will not be mistripped, so that the lightning protection of electrical equipment is always in an effective state.

It can provide professional backup protection for the first level, second level, third level power lightning protection equipment (SPD surge protector). It is applicable to the places where SPD lightning protection equipment has been installed, such as: industrial and civil construction, electrical, communication, road traffic, petrochemical and other industries of power equipment.



Main technical parameters


Specifiations XZSCB-10 XZSCB-20 XZSCB-40 XZSCB-60 XZSCB-80
The experimental class T3 T2
Nominal discharge current
5kA(8/20μs) 10kA(8/20μs) 20kA(8/20μs) 30kA(8/20μs) 40kA(8/20μs)
Maximum discharge current 10kA(8/20μs) 20kA(8/20μs) 40kA(8/20μs) 60kA(8/20μs) 80kA(8/20μs)
Maximum impulse current - - - - -
Short circuit breaking capacity
15kA 25kA 50kA 50kA 50kA
Power frequency trip current
Rated operating voltage
Power frequency short circuit current <40ms
Power frequency load current segment time
The failure indicator Extremely normal, red neffective
Ambient limit temperature
Protection grade IP20
Type of installation It is nstalld in front of the SPD with 35mm standard guide rail
Induced power line cross- sectional area
2.5-35mm2 / Multicore flexible cable
Note Remote signal function can be added, other maximum continuous working voltage uC can be customized
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