GKW1 series IP30 2000a-6000a ACB intelligent universal circuit breaker

GKW1 series intelligent universal circuit breaker
GKW1 series intelligent universal circuit breaker

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Normal working conditions

Protection pole: IP30

 Pollution degree: III

Use category: Class B or Class A

Installation category

Circuit breakers with rated operating voltages of 660V (690V) and below and undervoltage releases, primary coils for power transformers for category IV installation; auxiliary circuits and control circuits for installation category III.

ambient air temperature

The upper limit does not exceed +40 ° C, the lower limit is not lower than -5 ° C, and the average value of 24 h does not exceed +35 ° C

Atmospheric conditions

The relative humidity of the atmosphere does not exceed 50% when the ambient air is +40 ° C

Structure introduction

Structure introduction

Technical data and performance
Rack rated current Inm(A) Rated current In(A)
2000 200、315、400、500、630、800、1000、1250、1600、2000
3200 2000、2500、2900、3200


6300 4000、5000、6300
Racj rated current Inm(A) 2000 3200 4000 6300
Rated limit short-circuit breaking capacity Icu(kA) O-CO 400V 85 100 100 120
690V 50 65 65 80
Rated short-circuit capabilityn × Icu(kA)/cosΦ 400V 176/0.2 220/0.2 220/0.2 264/0.2
690V 105/0.25 143/0.2 143/0.2 187/0.2
Rated operating short-circuit breaking capacity Ics(kA) O-CO-CO 400V 65 65 65 80
690V 40 50 50 70
Rated short-time withstand current Icw(kA) 1s,延时0.4s,o-CO 400V 65 65 65/80(MCR) 85/100(MCR)
690V 40 50 50/65(MCR) 65/75(MCR)
GKW1 400A 630A 800A 1000A 1250A 1600A 2000A
Ambient temperature℃
40 400A 630A 800A 1000A 1250A 1600A 2000A
50 400A 630A 800A 1000A 1250A 1550A 1900A
60 400A 630A 800A 1000A 1250A 1550A 1800A
Road performance
Rack rated current(A) Total number of operating ccles
2000 10000
3200、4000 5000
6300 2000

            Rated operating vlotage

            Required power


交流(50Hz) 直流
220V 380V 110V 220V
Shunt release 24VA 36VA 24W 24W
Undervoltage release 24VA 36VA -- --
Closing electromagnet 24VA 36VA 24W 24W
Electric operating mechanism Circuit breaker frame rated current 2000A 85VA 85VA 85W 85W
3200A、4000A 110VA 110VA 110W 110W
6300A 150VA 150VA 150W 150W
Category Undervoltage delay release Undervoltage instantaneous release
Trip unit action time Delay 1.3.5S Instantaneous
Trip unit operating voltage value 35%~70%Ue Circuit breaker is reliably Disconnected
≤35%Ue The circuit breaker cannot be closed
(85~100%)Ue The circuit breaker can be reliably closed
In the 1/2 delay time, if the power supply voltage returns to 85% Ue The circuit breaker does not open  




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