U3+O3 Under-Voltage/Over-Voltage Tripper Of MCB, JVM16-63 MCB Auxiliary

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Combination Scheme



Construction and Feature  

JVRX16 Auxiliary is to be installed in left side of 16 series products (such as JVM16-63 MCB, JVL16-63 RCCB,JVRO16-32 RCBO), with function of auxiliary contact, remote shunt tripper, and under-voltage.

Auxiliary contact: linked with ON, OFF mechanism of main circuit of circuit breaker, mainly used for indication of circuit breaker ON, OFF status. To connect it into control circuit of breaker, through ON and OFF of circuit breaker, the auxiliary contact can take control or interlock to related electrical device.

Shunt tripper: It’s a tripper used for voltage source excitation, its own voltage can be independent from the voltage of main circuit. So shunt tripper is an auxiliary of remote control tripping, can disconnect circuit by remote, to liaison with fire alarm system. Can also remote control to trip off by Emergency stop button.

Under-voltage tripper: it’s a tripper to trip off circuit breaker, when its terminal voltage drop lower to a certain specified scope. Thus to protect the electrical equipment under circuit breaker, which is in loading circuit, from the loss of under-voltage.

Shunt tripper + auxiliary contact: with function of shunt tripper and auxiliary contact at the same time.

Under-voltage tripper + auxiliary contact: with function of under-voltage and auxiliary contact at the same time.

JVRX16 Auxiliary, through a combination of different component andassembly,achieved function of Shunt tripper, under-voltage tripper, auxiliary contact, Shunt tripper + auxiliary contact and Under-voltage tripper + auxiliary contact.

The handles of these 5 products are designed with mid-position and without mid-position. 

The product has a transparent clamshell to put tags in and characteristic stripes on

both sides. 

It is featured with elegant appearance, complete function and small volume.

In same housing, through a combination of different component and assembly, achieved auxiliary contact、remote shunt trip and under-voltage protect.

U3+O3 Over-Voltage/Under-Voltage Tripper
Rated voltage (Ue): AC 230V
Rated insulating voltage (Ui):500V
Over-voltage tripping range:280V ±5%
Under-voltage tripping range:170V ±5%
Electro-mechanical endurance:≥4000
Mounted on the right side of circuit breaker, actuate the combined device to trip in
case of under-voltage or over-voltage,effectively prevent the device from closing
operation under abnormal power voltage condition.





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