JR28s series IEC60947-4-1 AC 690V Thermal Relay

JR28s series IEC60947-4-1 AC 690V Thermal Relay
JR28s series IEC60947-4-1 AC 690V Thermal Relay





JR28s series thermal overload relay are suitable for overload and phase-failure protection of AC motors with frequency of 50/60Hz,

voltage up to 690V, current up to 0.1-93A under 8-hours duty or uninterrupted duty.

Functions provided by these relays, are phase-failure protection, ON/OFF indication, temperature compensation, and manual/

automatic reset.

International Standard: IEC 60947-4-1

The relays can be mounted onto contactors or installed as single units.

Normal Working Conditions and Installation Conditions

Altitude: no more than 2000m


The ambient air temperature is -5℃~+40 ℃, and the average temperature within 24 hours does not exceed +35℃.


Atmospheric conditions: At +40℃, the relative humidity of the atmosphere does not exceed 50%, at lower temperatures, there can

be a higher relative humidity, the monthly average minimum temperature of the wettest month does not exceed +25℃, the

monthly average relative humidity also the maximum relative humidity is not more than 90%, and the condensation on the

product due to temperature changes is considered.


The pollution level is level 3.

The inclination of the mounting surface to the vertical surface does not exceed 5°.


In a non-explosive hazardous medium, there is no gas in the medium that is sufficient to corrode metals and destroy insulation

and where conductive dust exists.


In place where is no significant shaking, shock and vibration

Selection and Ordering Data

Selection and Ordering Date,Products appearance,Rated current(A),Matched fuse specifications(A),Matched contactor model

Selection and Ordering Data,Products appearance,Rated current(A),Matched contactor model

Apearance and Installation Dimensions

Apearance and Installation Dimensions:JR28s-25,JR28s-36,JR28s-93,JR28s-36,JR28s-93

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