HT Series Economic Electrical Distribution Box

HT Series Economic Electrical Distribution Box
HT Series Economic Electrical Distribution Box

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Categories Electrical Distribution Box
Model HT
Shell protection grade IP65

HT Series lighting box is in line with IEC-493-1 standard,attractive and durable, safe and reliable, which is widely used in various places such as factory, mansion, residence, shopping center and so on.

HT Series Economic Electrical Distribution Box                  HT Series Economic Electrical Distribution Box

Model Description
Model Dimensions
L(mm) W(mm) H(mm)
HT-5P 119 159 90
HT-8P 201 155 90
HT-12P 255 198 108
HT-15P 309 198 108
HT-18P 363 198 108



※Panel is the ABS material for the engineering, high strength,never change color, the transparent materialis PC.

※Cover push-type opening and closing 

Face covering of the distribution box adopts the push-type opening and closing mode, the face mask can be opened by pressing lightly, the self-locking positioning hinge structure is provided when opening.

※Wiring design of the power distribution box 

The guide rail support plate can be lifted to the highest movable point, it is no longer limited by the narrow space when installing the wire. To install easily, the switch of the distribution box is set up with the wire groove and wire pipe exit-holes, which are easy to use for a variety of wire grooves and wire pipes.




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