GN19-12 Series Indoor High Voltage Isolating Switch

GN19-12 Series Indoor High Voltage Isolating Switch
GN19-12 Series Indoor High Voltage Isolating Switch

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GN19-12 indoor high-voltage isolation switchgear is a high-voltage switchgear for rated voltage 12KV, AC 50Hz and below power system, equipped with CS6-1 manual operating mechanism, as the opening and closing under the condition of voltage and no load For circuit purposes, there are also derivative products of anti-fouling type, plateau type, and installation of live display devices.


The isolating switch of this series is equipped with a CS6-1 manual operating mechanism (the isolating switch with a panel has its own conjoined operating mechanism).


This series of isolating switches is a three-pole type, which consists of a chassis, a rotating shaft, a lever, a porcelain pillar insulator, a knife and a wiring board. The rotating shaft is arranged on the bottom frame, on which three pairs of levers are welded, and the levers pass through the pull rod porcelain insulator and the knife necklace. The rotating shaft extends out of the base frame, and any section of the rotating shaft can be connected with the operating mechanism.


Type C is through the wall. Among them, C1 means that the rotation is on the side through the wall; C2 means that the disconnection is on the side through the wall; C3 means that both sides are on the side through the wall.



Model Meaning




Normal Use Environment


1. The altitude does not exceed 1000m:

2. Ambient air temperature: -25°C~+40°C;

3. The relative humidity of the surrounding environment: the daily average is not more than 95% dry, and the daily average is not more than 90%;

4. The seismic cracking degree shall not exceed 8 degrees;

5. Installation site: no fire, flammable, explosive, serious pollution, chemical corrosion and violent vibration places.



Technical Parameters




Installation Dimensions


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