lsolating Switch on GN38-12D Series

lsolating Switch on GN38-12D Series
lsolating Switch on GN38-12D Series
Structure and performance


The GN38-12D lower isolating switch has a novel structure and is a new type of isolating switch independently developed by the company. The dynamic and static contacts are installed on two mutually perpendicular insulators, and the static contacts can be installed horizontally or vertically as required, and the dynamic contact is directly driven by the driving spindle. The head rotates to realize the opening and closing and grounding, with small installation space and convenient busbar connection. The fracture is obvious, and it is suitable for various side-mounted high-voltage cabinets. It can be driven by the BET-type mechanism through the crank arm, or the operating mechanism can directly Operation, the ground contact can be installed at the opening position to achieve protective grounding.



Technical Parameters


Model Specifications GN38-12/630 GN38-12/1250 GN38-12/1600
GN38-12D/630 GN38-12D/1250 GN30-12D/1600
Rated voltage (kV) 12
Rated current (A) 630 1250 1600
4s short-time withstand current (kA) 20 31.5 80
Rated peak withstand current (kA) 50 80 80
Rated insulation level Lightning impulse voltage (kV) Phase-to-phase, relative to ground 75, fracture 85
1min power frequency withstand voltage (kV) Phase, relative to 42, fracture 48



Installation Dimensions


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