VZF-12R Removable Vacuum Load Switch Fuse Combination Appliance

VZF-12R Removable Vacuum Load Switch Fuse Combination Appliance
VZF-12R Removable Vacuum Load Switch Fuse Combination Appliance

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VZF-12R center-mounted solid-sealed vacuum load switch-fuse combination (hereinafter referred to as vacuum switch) is a new generation of vacuum switchgear developed according to a special design concept and combined with market demand. It is widely used in indoor armored In the air-insulated switchgear, it meets the requirements of GB3804-2004 GB16926-1997 and other standards.


The VZF-12R centrally placed solid-sealed vacuum load switch-fuse combination electrical appliance can ensure safe and reliable operation in the power grid of the corresponding voltage level as long as it is within the technical parameters of the vacuum switch under normal use conditions.



Model Meaning





Normal Use Environment


◆Ambient temperature: maximum temperature +40°C, minimum temperature -25C;

◆Environmental humidity: Human average relative humidity: ≤95, monthly average relative humidity: ≤90%;

◆Daily average saturated vapor pressure: ≤2.2x10-3Mpa;

◆Monthly average saturated vapor pressure: ≤1.8x10-3Mpa;

◆Altitude: not higher than 1500m;

◆Earthquake intensity: no more than 8 degrees;

◆Applicable places: no dripping water, no residue and explosion hazard, no chemical corrosive gas, no violent vibration;

◆If the use environment of the product exceeds the above regulations, the user can negotiate with our company to determine.



Technical Parameters




Installation Dimensions


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