DC Isolator Switch FMPV32- ELR 1 Series

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ELR 1 Series DC Isolator Switch in plastic enclosure is
applied to 1~20KW residential or commercial photovoltaic
system, placed between photo voltage modules and inverters
Arcing time is less than 8ms, that keeps solar system more safe.
To ensure its stability and long service life, our products are
made by components with optimum quality.Max voltage
isupto1200VDC.It holds a safe lead among similar products.


IP 66 rated enclosure, UV Resistant
2x mounting tabs, 4xM 25 threaded holes
The handle can be padlocked in the"OFF"position
MC4plugs with adaptor or cable gland can be selected for
convenient connection and space saving
IP66Airvalvehelpsair flowing and reducing temperature
2Pole, 4Poles are viable(Single l Double String)
16A, 25A, 32A, 1200VDC

Type F MPV 16-ELR 1, F MPV 25-ELR 1, F MPV 32-ELR 1
Function Isolator, Control
Standard IEC 60947-3, AS 60947.3
Utilization category DC-PV2/DC-PV1/DC-21B
Pole 4P
Rated frequency DC

Rated operational voltage(Ue)

Overvoltage category II
Suitability for isolation Yes
Pollution degree 3
ingress protection ip66

Rated impulse d withstand voltage(U imp)


Rated short-time withstand current(/cw)






St orge temperature



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