ZSIS05 Waterproof DC Disconnect Switch

ZSIS05 Waterproof DC Disconnect Switch
ZSIS05 Waterproof DC Disconnect Switch
Technical Parameter

1. Available in both 2&4 pole Complies

2. With AS & CEC regulations

3. Enclosed in a IP66 rated weatherproof enclosure

4. Lockable switch

5. Rated at 500-100ov DC operational voltage


Electrical Characteristics
Ue 500V 600V 800V 1000V
2P 32A 32A 23A 13A
2+2P 58A 50A 32A 20A
4P (2P+2P) 32A 32A 23A 13A
4P (4P-S 4P-T 4P-B) 32A 32A 32A 32A


Outline Dimensions

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