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B type RCBO

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Product introduction

JVL29-63 is applicable to residual operating current with rated voltage 230V/400V,frequency 50/60HZ and rated current up to 63A. It is used to perform the human electricity shock protection as well as over current protection and short circuit protection for line equipment in building or similar locations, it also can provide the protection against the fire danger caused by the fault current that is resulted from the
electric equipment damage. The circuit breaker is applicable for kinds of fields such as the industry, commerce, high rise building, civil building, etc.

working principle

When the current in the power supply exceeds the maximum current value set in advance, the leakage circuit breaker will automatically disconnect, which plays a role in protecting the power supply, so as to avoid unnecessary safety accidents. In the wiring diagram of the leakage circuit breaker, there are leading and live wires. In the case of no leakage, the live wire and the neutral wire are in opposite directions and the current is equal. When there is leakage, a magnetic force will be generated, and the current will vary, which will disconnect Leakage circuit breaker for protection

Interpretation of the logo of type b leakage protector

The leakage protector generally has three kinds of identifications on the leakage protection switch, namely letter identification, digital identification, and no identification. The so-called letter identification is the two letters L and N, L represents the live line, and N represents the neutral line. .Digital identification means that there will be Arabic numerals on the three circuit breakers. Generally speaking, the numbers marked are connected to the live wire, and there are signs 1, 3, and 5 at the position of the incoming wire. The positions are the signs of 2, 4, and 6. The letters L and N are marked on the casing of the leakage protection switch on the terminals of the incoming and outgoing terminals of the leakage switch. The letter L represents the front line, and the letter N represents the zero line.

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