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What is the function of the distribution box

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In terms of electricity use, most people pay great attention to it, so they will install a distribution box. So what is the function of the distribution box? What should I pay attention to when installing the distribution box?


What is the function of the distribution box

1. It can distribute electric energy reasonably, making the operation of the whole circuit more convenient.


2. At the same time, the level of safety protection is also very high. It can be very intuitive to see the conduction of the entire circuit when opened, which also brings great convenience to maintenance.


3.In addition, the volume of the distribution box will be relatively small, so it is also easy to install, and the use is not limited by the site, which can improve the safety of our electricity use.



Precautions for installation of distribution box

1. When installing the distribution box, attention should be paid to the setting of the power distribution system. The general distribution, distribution and switch wires must be set in order, which is a power consumption mode of three-level distribution.


2. For the distribution box, its distribution box and switch box positions must be arranged reasonably. For example, for the general distribution box, it needs to be installed close to the transformer or external power supply, so as to facilitate the introduction of power. The distribution box should be located in the center of the electrical equipment, so as to ensure that the three-phase load is in a balanced state in use. There is also the switch box, which should be installed near the controlled electrical equipment.


3. When installing the distribution box, it is necessary to ensure the balance of the three-phase load of the system, while the power supply and lighting need to form two power supply circuits.


4. No matter what level of distribution box, its box and interior must be installed in accordance with the requirements of safety regulations. The switching appliance must be clearly identified for its purpose, and the box must be indicated by a uniform number.



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