Residual Current Circuit Breaker CJL1-125 (RCCB)

Residual Current Circuit Breaker CJL1-125 (RCCB)
Residual Current Circuit Breaker CJL1-125 (RCCB)
Residual Current Circuit Breaker CJL1-125 (RCCB)
Product Advantages

■Operating mechanism is plastic structure, operatingperformance is more stable and reliable than metalstructure. such as release force, mechanical life cycle.For environmental protection is better than metal typeand also the type is new generation mechanism.
Inside all current-carrying parts: copper.
■All screws are with the plastic cover seal the holes,lt's move safety can not open the products in easy.
■A Big sizes transparent signboard can help user makesome special marks in the signboard area.



Technical Data

■Rated current:16A,20A,25A,32A,40A,50A,63A
■Rated voltage:230~1P+N,400V~3P+N
■Rated frequency:50/6OHz
■Number of pole:2Pole
■Module size:36mm
■Circuit type:AC type,A type, B type
■Breaking capacity:6000A
■Rated residual operating current:10,30,100,300mA
■Optimum operating temperature:-5°C to 40°C
■Terminal Tightening torque:2.5~4N/m
■Terminal Capacity(top): 25mm2
■Terminal Capacity(bottom):25mm2
■Electro-mechanical endurance:4000 cycles
■Mounting:35mm DinRail
■The very new tripping structure make more safety
□Suitable Busbar:PIN Busbar







Overall & Installation Dimensions

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