ZSR7 6KA Breaking RCBO

ZSR7 6KA Breaking RCBO
ZSR7 6KA Breaking RCBO
Range of application

ZSR7 series of leakage circuit breaker is applicable for 230V AC voltage, 50Hz frequency, 40A rated current, and single-phase circuit and rated current below 40A. The breaker has the functions of leakage, overload and short circuit protection, can mainly be used for electric shock protection to prevent fire risk caused by ground connection fault of equipment, and adopts of electromagnetic/electronic leakage tripping system.

Operative standard: GB16917 &IEC61009



Structure Characters

1. The detecting element and tripping element shall be located between the incoming line terminal and outgoing line terminal.

2. The operating characteristic of the product shall not be changed by any external machine tool.

3. The operating mechanism shall be flexible and reliable, and have the function of free tripping.

4. The operating mechanism shall allow the moving contact of the product to remain only in closed or disconnected position and there shall be two obviously diacritical and resting positions corresponding to the position of the moving contact. The "green" indicates the disconnected positionof the movable contact and the "red" indicates the closed position of the movable contact.

5. The electrical clearance and creepage distance of the product shall be not less than 3 mm.

6. The current-carrying parts of the product shall be made from copper.

7. The part group used for transferring the contact pressure shall ensure that the contact pressure of the product does not change in use.

8. The protective grade of the product shell shall be in the IP2LX level specified in GB/T4942.2.



Technical Parameter
Type ZSR7
Number of poles 1P+N
Rated Current(In) 6、10、16、20、25、32、40A
Rated operating current (I△n) 30、100、300、500mA
Rated Voltage(Un) AC 230(240) V
Residual operating current scope 0.5I△n~I△n
Residual current off-time ≤ 0.3s
Type A、AC
Ultimate short-circuit breaking capacity (Icn) 6000A
Endurance ≥ 4000 times
Terminal protection IP20



Normal Working Conditions

1. Circumstance temperature -5℃ ~ +40°℃ ,average temperature within 24h not exceeding +35℃ .

2. Altitude above sea level less than 2000 m.

3. Humidity not exceeding 50% at 40℃ and not exceeding 90% at 25℃.

4. Pollution class 2.

5. Installation class Il or III.

6. Installation method DIN Rail mounting type.

7. Product shall be installed at the place where there shall be no severe impact and vibration.



Outline Dimensions

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