AULT Latching/Memory/Electronic Step Relay

AULT Latching/Memory/Electronic Step Relay
AULT Latching/Memory/Electronic Step Relay

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Categories Time Relay
Model AULT001
Rated Voltage 230VAC 50/60Hz
Rated Current 16A 250VAC(COSp=1)
Contact configuration 1NO(SPST-NO)
Mounting DIN Rail 35 mm(EN 60715)
Ambient temperature range -10...+60℃



Longer mechanical and electrical life,and much quieter than electromechanical step relays.

controlled by buttons for light switching from more places, are a practical replace-ment for three-way switches and cress-bar switches.

AULT001 Without memory function

AULT003 With memory function


Technical date

Rated Voltage: 230VAC 50-60Hz

Rated Current: 16A 250VAC(COSφ=1)

Contact configuration: 1NO(SPST-NO)

Mounting: DIN Rail 35 mm(EN 60715)

Ambient temperature range: -10...+60C




Connection Diagrams

Connection Diagrams



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