ATHC15T Astronomical Time switch

ATHC15T Astronomical Time switch
ATHC15T Astronomical Time switch
ATHC15T Astronomical Time switch

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Categories Time Switch
Model ATHC15T
Voltage rating AC220V 50/60Hz
Switching power 16A 250VAC (cosq=1),10A 250VAC(cosφ=0. 6)
Voltage limit AC 1 80V~250V
Hysteresis ≤2sec/ day (25℃)
Incandescent lamp load 2300W
ON/OFF operation 8 ON &8 OFF
Halogen lamp load 2300W
Power consumption 5VA (max)
Weight approx 150g
Time basis quartz
Ambient humidity 35~85%rh
Ambient temperature -10~+40°C

● DIN RALL installation

● LCD display

● 9 ON/OFF programs

● Lithium battery power reserve 3 year, when electric supply cut off

● Automatically adjust the set time along with seasonal variation to control ON/OFF for  lighting on purpose of realizing that light is turned on when sun sets & turned off when sun rises.


Technical date

●Voltage rating:AC220V 50/60Hz

●Voltage limit:AC 1 80V~250V

●Hysteresis:≤2sec/ day (25C)

●ON/OFF operation: 8 ON &8 OFF

●Power consumption: 5VA (max)


●Service life: mechancally 107

                    Electrically 105

●Minimum interval: minute (pulse/cycle 1 s)

●Weight: approx 150g

●Time basis: quartz

●Ambient humidity: 35~85%rh

●Ambient temperature:- 10~+40C

●Swithing power: 16A 250VAC (cosφ=1)

                             10A 250VAC (cosφ=0.6) 

Incandescent lamp load: 2300W

Halogen lamp load: 2300W

Fluorescent lamps : Non compensated, series compensated

                                1000VA, Parallel compensated 400VA (42μf)

●Switching contact: 1 changeover switch

Power reserve:3 years (lithium battery)


Connection example

Connection example



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