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Precautions for circuit breakers

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When it comes to circuit breakers, everyone should know that every family needs to use them. Generally, circuit breakers are installed by themselves when they are broken. So what safety precautions should we pay attention to when installing? Today we will introduce the safety precautions for the use of circuit breakers in detail. I hope our post will help you when installing circuit breakers in the future.


After the circuit is connected, check whether the wiring is correct. It can be checked by the test button. If the circuit breaker can be disconnected correctly, it means that the leakage protector is installed correctly, otherwise, check the circuit and eliminate the fault. After the leakage protector is put into operation, after a period of time, the user should check whether the circuit breaker is operating normally through the test button;  
The leakage, overload, and short-circuit protection characteristics of the circuit breaker are set by the manufacturer and cannot be adjusted at will, so as not to affect the performance; the function of the test button is that the circuit breaker is newly installed or operated for a certain period of time, in the state of being closed and energized Check its running status. Press the test button, the circuit breaker can be disconnected, indicating that it is operating normally and can be used continuously;

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If the circuit breaker cannot be opened, it means that the circuit breaker or circuit is faulty and needs to be overhauled;  
The circuit breaker is broken due to a fault (leakage, overload or short circuit) in the protected circuit, and the operating handle is in the trip position (middle position). After finding out the cause and eliminating the fault, first pull the operating handle down (that is, put it in the "off" position), and make the operating mechanism "re-buckle" before the closing operation can be performed (please pay attention to the three positions of the circuit breaker operating handle) Different meanings);
After the circuit breaker is disconnected due to a short circuit, the contacts need to be checked. If the main contact is severely burned or has pits, it needs to be repaired;
The four-pole leakage circuit breaker must be connected to the neutral line to make the electronic circuit work normally;

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The load wiring of the leakage circuit breaker must pass through the load end of the circuit breaker. Any phase or neutral line of the load is not allowed to pass through the leakage circuit breaker, otherwise it will cause artificial "leakage" and cause the circuit breaker to fail to close, causing "error move". In addition, in order to protect lines and equipment more effectively, leakage circuit breakers can be used in conjunction with fuses.
The isolation of the neutral line of the power supply circuit breaker is not to prevent the overcurrent of the neutral line caused by the unbalanced current of the neutral line in the three-phase circuit or the danger of personal electric shock caused by such overcurrent, but to eliminate the introduction along the neutral line. The fault potential of the electric shock is dangerous to the electrical maintenance personnel;

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In the event of an accident, it is necessary to avoid installing unnecessary circuit breaker contacts on the neutral line, that is, to install as few four-pole circuit breakers as possible while ensuring the safety of electrical maintenance;  
Regardless of whether there is a total equipotential connection in the building, the TT system power inlet circuit breaker should realize the simultaneous isolation of the neutral line and the phase line, but there are total equipotential connection TN-S system and TN-CS system building electrical installations No need;
Except for the power conversion circuit breaker with leakage protection function, other power conversion circuit breakers do not need to isolate the neutral line;  
We must strictly abide by the precautions mentioned above to avoid accidents. If you don't know the situation well, try to seek professional operation.


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