The difference between fast fuse and ordinary fuse

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Fast fuse is a kind of fuse, fast fuse is used for short circuit protection of semiconductor rectifier components or circuit breakers. Because the overload capacity of semiconductor components is too large. The short circuit protection has the ability of fast fuse. The structure of the closed fuse is basically the same as that of the punched fuse, but the melt material and shape are different. It is a variable cross-section solution made of silver sheet with a V-shaped deep groove.

Fast fuse

The difference between fast fuse and ordinary fuse

1. The difference in shape

The fuse of the ordinary fuse is composed of a metal wire with a certain shape, and the fuse of the fast fuse will have a solder joint of a certain substance on the surface in addition to the metal of a certain shape, and its purpose is In order to make the fuse open quickly in the case of overload.

2. The difference in function

From a functional point of view, the time that ordinary fuse-links will appear in an overload condition that is allowed at an appropriate time, the actual current exceeds the heating value of the battery, and the fusing time is short. The smaller the instantaneous surpassing fusing current, the fusing time is 3D; while the fast fuse is Prominent "fast", that is, the legendary fuse is high, the current point is very good, the fuse can quickly decompose the fuse under the bottom, the efficiency of the fast fuse is quite high, and the main protection is for safety and some electronic equipment.

ordinary fuse

3. The difference in usage

The difference in use is established when the previous point is congenital, because the possibility of fast fuse is relatively high, so it is generally used to protect semiconductor components, such as in front of inverters. Low, it can only be used as an ordinary fuse. Under certain conditions, it cannot meet the demand and can only be a fast fuse.

Fast fuse

The above is the difference between fast fuse and ordinary fuse. Sofielec has 20 years of experience in the field of low-voltage protection. Sofielec focuses on low-voltage circuit protection for residential and commercial terminals. Based on the purpose of high-quality and timely service, we continue to provide reliable products, solutions and technical support. Provide OEM/ODM services. Our own research team will help customers develop customized products based on samples and requirements.


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